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Ascertaining that the battery needs replacement

Replacing a car battery is something a person can comfortably do. It is important to know how to replace the battery because you may be in a situation you can't get any help. Some of the hints to show that your battery needs a replacement are dimming lights, a couple of years have passed since you replaced your battery or noticing that your car sometimes needs a jump-start. Car battery replacement will only take a few minutes and requires just a few tools. Before replacing the battery, make sure you are certain that the battery needs replacement. Sometimes, it may not be the battery that has a problem so find out before rushing to replace it. If your car has a battery meter, the alternator maintains a charge of around 14 volts when running in a well-functioning ctek charger. Also, check if the battery has recharged properly by constantly driving for half an hour.

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Getting the right battery

The first step is acquiring the right battery for your car. Note down the model of your car, engine size and use these details to purchase a battery. It is significant to note down these details as cars have different engines. All cars do not have similar electrical capacities and you need to purchase a battery that fits your car's capacity. Once this is done, park your car at a level ground that is not close to other vehicles, or open flames. More so, ensure that there are no smokers nearby. This is in order not to have any igniting source near the battery. Bear in mind that sulfuric acid in the battery is also dangerous and can corrode your skin if in contact with the skin. In addition it is highly flammable and this is why it is strongly advised to wear gloves and goggles for eye protection. Use the car's prop rod to hold the hood of the car.

Locating a car battery

If you are wondering how to find the battery, it can be located at any side of the cars frame but this is not the case for some car models. The battery is rectangular and has two cables that are attached to it. Once you locate battery terminals, identify the positive (has a plus sign) and negative (has a minus sign) terminals. Once you do this, disconnect the negative terminal and the negative terminal socket before disconnecting the positive socket. There is risk of short circuiting the positive terminal if this is not done properly. Disconnecting the positive terminal will then follow and once this is done, you can remove the battery of the car by unscrewing or unfastening any screws and clamps holding the battery. Remember that a car battery is heavy and requires careful lifting.

Cleaning and replacing the battery.

Once you remove the battery, use baking soda and brush to clean the terminals and battery tray. Check in case of severe corrosion because this means there is need for a mechanic to carry out the replacement. If there is no corrosion, allow the area to dry before replacing the battery. Correctly place the new battery in the same position the old one was in and connect both the positive and negative terminals in the right manner. Once this is done, fix the screws and clamps back in place. Afterwards connect the positive terminals, then negative terminals and tighten them with a wrench. To prevent corrosion, apply lithium grease to the terminals and close the hood of the car and then ignite your car. As a cautionary measure, check whether all electronic devices are working. The best way to dispose the old battery is taking it to an automobile garage.